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Delivery in 4-10 days

Cancellation & Modification

1. After finalizing the checkout of an order, you may adjust certain details by contacting us via support@fiviboutique.com within 06 hours of order placement. Following this, the order will be sent to production, and you will no longer be able to adjust order details or cancel the order. Please note that if you cancel your order within 06 hours of order placement, you will be held responsible for the payment fee as this fee is non-refundable.


2. Please note that:

- The design of personalized items cannot be adjusted after the order has been successfully finalized.

- You may make changes to your ordered item’s color and/or size unless that change results in any fluctuation in the price of the final item.

- Please contact us within 06 hours of order placement if you would like to cancel some items in your order which had had one or more promotions applied. Furthermore, please note that your order may no longer be eligible for the promotion.